Five Reasons Cops Want to Legalize Pot

Recent polls show that 60% of likely voters in California and 58% of voters in Texas support legalizing marijuana for adults and regulating it like alcohol. Why? Because it’s good, sound policy, doggone it, and it will make our states and country better. Just ask LEAP, or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a rapidly-growing nonprofit organization comprised of current and former law-enforcement officers and agents who are committed to ending the harm wrought by our policy of prohibition. Hear them out. There’s a lot of good, old-fashioned horse sense here. For example, in the words of one former deputy police chief, “[w]hen we ended the prohibition of alcohol, Al Capone was out of work the next day.” Or, if we prefer, we can continue to arrest people for no good reason and let billions of American dollars go unreported, untaxed, and across our borders.

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